Curly Haired clients know their Curls are unique but they don’t just trust any stylist to cut and style their curly locks.

They don’t want their Curls treated like straight hair and they seek out stylists who are specifically trained in cutting Curly Hair. As part of our Alex Anthony Curl System we provide intensive hands-on training with live models of all textures to inspire confidence to cut and style any curl type with our “Curl Puzzling” which is a technique that helps the curl puzzle within each other, Eliminating width and density from the hair. At the same time it allows movement to the hair and removes “shelving, Christmas trees, and stacked looks”. We also provide support to your salon, throughout your relationship with us to make sure your team is always on the cutting edge of curly haired education.

Our talented team of stylists aim to personalize our services to fit your individual needs. Book an appointment with us today and experience the exceptional customer service at The Alex Anthony Salon!

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