_MG_5395What this course will provide:

  • Introduction to Curl theory
  • Client consultation
  • Demonstration of the Alex Anthony Signature Cut, which includes the puzzling technique
  • Alex Anthony Curl System Product Knowledge
  • A step-by-step curly hair Styling demo, which combines our products along with our finger combing technique
  • Tools to market yourself as a curly hair stylist
  • Information on how the Alex Anthony Signature Cut brings added revenue to your salon

This Class is a great for all seasoned stylist as well as beginners.

Tier 1

Hands on Training

  • Introduction to Curly Theory.
  • Client Consultation.
  • Demonstration of the Alex Anthony.
  • Signature Finger Combing Technique.
  • Product Knowledge.
  • Step-by-Step curly hair Styling demo, combining productwith technique.

Tier 2

  • Hands on Training 4 Stylists Eligible for The Alex Anthony Signature Cutting Technique
  • Full day of in-salon training
  • 10-2 Education.

Course Details & Pricing

  • $500 per student for 2 day class
  • Comes with opener deal (full product line x3)
  • Certification
  • 2 Day Cutting Class
  • Salon is added to the salon locator
  • Breakfast provided

2016 Course Dates:

February 28th & 29th
March 20th & 21st
April 24th  & 25th
May 22nd & 23rd
June 26th & 27th
July 24th & 25th
August 28th & 29th
September 25th & 26th
October 23rd & 24th
November 20th & 21st
December 11th & 12th